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Wide variety of projects around the world

Our consultants have experience from a wide variety of projects around the world, from the tropics to the taiga. Have a look at some of our international projects.

  • Estonia and Latvia (2020)

    Annual forest appraisal according to the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). We appraised over 12,000 […]
  • Latvia (2020)

    Valuation of 4,450 hectares of productive forestland in Latvia. The tasks included the forest data […]
  • Estonia (2020)

    Purchase due diligence > 800 hectares for institutional investor. 
  • Latvia, Lithuania, Sweden and Finland (2017-2020)

    Annual valuations of biological assets for Timber Investment Management Organization (TIMO) ~ 54,000 hectares in […]
  • Norway (2019)

    Purchase due diligence and valuation ~ 70,000 hectares. 
  • Sweden (2019)

    Valuation and purchase due diligence of forestry assets ~ 350,000 hectares. 
  • Latvia (2019)

    Purchase due diligence and valuation of productive forests for various Clients ~ 30,000 ha
  • Estonia (2019)

    Valuation and purchase due diligence of productive forests, including field control ~ 10,000 ha
  • Latvia (2019)

    Valuation and purchase due diligence of productive forests, including field control ~ 10,000 ha
  • Latvia (2018)

     Valuation and purchase due diligence of productive forests ~ 111,000 ha
  • Latvia (2018)

    Vendor due dilligence ~ 54,000 hectares. 
  • Latvia (2017)

    Due diligence and valuation support ~ 10,000 hectares. 
  • Nicaragua (2011)

    NORSKOG has completed a verification of two investment projects in teak plantations in Nicaragua in […]
  • Mozambique (2010-2011)

    On behalf of the Global Solidarity Forest Fund (GSFF), NORSKOG provided forest growth modeling and […]
  • Ghana (2008)

    Analysis on the potential investment and development of a jatropha plantations.
  • Bulgaria (2007)

    On behalf of investors, NORSKOG completed an analysis of the real estate market in Bulgaria. […]
  • Latvia (2005)

    Establishment of a large privately-owned forest company in Latvia. FORAN Real Estate SIA owned and […]
  • Russia (1997-1998)

    Evaluation of forest resources and industrial equipment for high quality export lumber – Ural.
  • Russia (1997)

    Assessment of restructuring and investment potential in two forest companies. 
  • Venezuela (1999)

    Investment analysis of the potential and profitability of establishing eucalyptus plantations. 
  • Panama (2000-2001)

    Program for sustainable development – forest policy design and strategy development.
  • Honduras (2004-2005)

    Preparation of a management plan for the tri-national National Park Monte Cristo in Honduras, Guatemala […]
  • Guatemala (1998)

    Environmental impact assessment of Cuchumatanes Highlands Project.
  • Belize (2001-2002)

    Rehabilitation of forest reserve and design and implementation of management plan. Project together with the […]
  • Zimbabwe (1999-2002)

     Co-operation with the Forestry Commission on Zimbabwe Environmental Sector Programme.
  • Tanzania (2001)

    Tanzania Forest Conservation and Management Project – World Bank appraisal mission.
  • Uganda (2009-2013)

    Institutional strengthening of Uganda Timber Growers Association.
  • South Sudan

    The Program consists of three components; 1) Forest Assessment, 2) GIS and Information management and […]
  • Armenia (2006-2009)

    Between 2006-2008, NORSKOG provided consulting services related to community forest management – with a specific […]
  • Tajikistan (2008-2009)

    Training on development and implementation of educational model for countrywide vocational training with focus on […]
  • Kyrgyzstan (2009)

    Leading Forestry Sector Programme focused on the sustainable economic growth in the Kyrgyz rural areas […]
  • Serbia and Montenegro (2003-2006)

    Between 2003-2004, NORSKOG was leading Forestry Sector Programme focused on the establishment of the National […]
  • Bosnia (2000-2001)

    Forest Management Planning Study – World Bank Forestry Project in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
  • Cyprus

    Preparation of an Integrated Management Plan for the Pafos Forest. Project funded the EEA and […]
  • Estonia (2007)

    Inventory and management analysis of juniper woods within the West-Estonian Archipelago Biosphere Reserve. Project funded […]
  • Russia (1997)

    Sustainable Forestry Pilot Project – objectives to address strategic forest planning and selected reform issues:  […]
  • FAO (2010-2011)

    NORSKOG prepared courses and educational resources for executives and managers within “REDD+ MRV and Monitoring” […]
  • Sweden

    NORSKOG managed project within the HEUREKA programme at SLU, Umeå. The forest growth simulator together […]
  • Kosovo (2006)

    NORSKOG participated in the project “Support to Forest Management Planning with Geographic Information System”, funded […]
  • Montenegro (2009-2011)

    NORSKOG  was leading partner within Norwegian Forestry Group and this project focused on capacity building […]