Our Consulting Services

NORSKOG holds more than 70 years of experience within the consultant business. With our variety and experience NORSKOG is one of the leading consultancy companies within the field of forestry in Norway as well as internationally.

The Consultants have experience from a wide variety of projects around the world, from the tropics to the taiga. Read more about our main services or contact us for any queries you may have related to our services.

Global Timberland Investments

NORSKOG has considerable experience working on the independent forest valuations and due diligence (DD) work for acquisitions, both large and small. Whether you own forest or wish to make a forest investment, NORSKOG can help you evaluate your options and provide professional input to key decisions that will impact the financial returns and risks.

NORSKOG’s clients include individual forest owners/investors, partnerships, local authorities, trusts, government departments, Timber Investment Management Organizations (TIMOs) and corporate forest owners.

Since 2010 we started cooperation with our international clients and only during the last five years, we conducted valuation and due diligence work with different levels of complexities on the area of over 1 million hectares in Scandinavia and internationally.

NORSKOG’s consulting services hep our Clients to minimize the risks associated with both existing and planned forest investments.


Yngve Holth

Director of Consulting Services

+ 47 91 83 22 36

Wood trade – NORTØMMER


In 1998, NORSKOG decided to outsource its wood trade activities to its own subsidiary – NORTØMMER.

The primary business of NORTØMMER is the marketing and wood trade in Scandinavia, and in Central and Eastern Europe. NORTØMMER have about 50 employees and as our export volumes are increasing annually, we are constantly seeking to expand our operations. Currently, NORTØMMER is the third largest round wood trader in Norway, totaling a volume of 1.9 million m3 in 2019 with a market share of approx. 18 % nationwide. In 2019 the total turnover of our company exceeds EUR 140 millions.


NORTØMMER has its head office in Elverum, as well as district offices in different geographies. NORTØMMER consulting services include:


  • Supplying industry in Scandinavia and in Central – and Eastern Europe with round logs (saw logs, pulp wood, fuel wood) or chips (cellulose chips or fuel chips)
  • Logistics services: railway and vessel operations
  • A certification through NORSKOG’s certification company (Norsk Skogsertifisering): 100 % PEFC and FSC CoC & CW, FSC 100%
  • Silviculture (planting, brushcutting/thinning, soil preparations, fertilizing) and forest operations scheduling and management

NORTØMMERs service includes all forestry operations from regeneration to wood trade

Contact in NORTØMMER:

Knut Melum

Director of Marketing in NORTØMMER

+ 47 94 89 60 07

NORTØMMER is big enough for the biggest assignments – but small enough to care about the individual costumer!


You can read more about our services at NORTØMMERs website here


Sustainable Forestry and Natural Resource Management

Since 1995, NORSKOG is also an active member in a non-profit network company – Norwegian Forestry Group (NFG). NFG has extensive forestry experience in international consulting services, project development and project implementation in Eastern Europe, Africa, Asia and Latin America.




Øystein Aasaaren

Senior Advisor

+ 47 91 35 48 10

Our Services in Norway

NORSKOG was formed in 1950 and is a member organization of forest owners in Norway. Our members own or manage over 1.2 million hectares of forestland. Our strength is in the ability to act on behalf of the forest owners in Norway that benefits all, but with the very large efficiencies that a collective can provide.

In addition to the activities around advocacy, advice and information, NORSKOG provides a number of excellent services in Norway including:

  • buying and selling forestry assets
  • day-to-day forest management and planning
  • support in communication with local and central authorities
  • forest taxation
  • support in voluntary forest protection mechanism
  • certification
  • wood trade
  • silviculture and nature-based tourism
  • research and development projects related to forestry and wood industry




Yngve Holth

Director of Consulting Services

+ 47 91 83 22 36