Background and experience

Terje has broad experience from public forest management as District Forest Officer and County Forester in the Oslo area. For the past 11 years as Senior Adviser at the Ministry of Agriculture and Food with responsibility for, among other things, seed and plant supply, genetic resource, preparedness and international forest cooperation.

From 1 July 2021, Terje will lead NORSKOG’s international operations. His international experience is both from international forest policy cooperation in the Ministry, from forest nursery operations in Zambia as a consultant in NORAD and from 10-15 years of social entrepreneurship in Africa based on forest utilization, environment, and climate, in a development context’s such as bioenergy and honey production.


Master’s Degree in Forestry at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences, NMBU (1993). Silviculture as main subject.

Din kontakt:

Terje Hoel

+ 47 952 16 167

Oppgaver og fagfelt: Senior Advisor